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Reformed Baptist Church
of Kansas City

Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America


   Current Sermon Series in Acts 1-2.
   Previous Sermon Series in Luke 1-2.
      1:1-38 - Birth Announcements: Jesus is Virgin Born.
      1:39-2:14 - Birth Songs: Jesus is God.
      1:76-2:35 - Birth Songs: Jesus is Savior.
      2:4-52 - Firstborn Son: Jesus is Man.


The Desire for the Glory of God in all things.

The Proclamation of the Gospel of Christ.

The Priority of the Word of God and the Worship of God.

The Heart for Missions and Evangelism.

The Centrality of the Local Church Family.

The Importance of the Biblical Family.

The Joy of the New Life in Christ and Baptism.

The Christian and the Ten Commandments.